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  Millbrae 2 Seat Lounge
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  Hosu Two-Seat Sofa
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  Hosu Lounge w Ottoman
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  Bob Lounge
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  Millbrae 1 Seat Lounge
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  Steelcase i2i Chair
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  Millbrae 2 Seat Bench
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  Leap(R) Chair - Leather
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  Bloom Bar Stool
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  Jenny Round Chair
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  Hugo Pot
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  Conic Pot
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  Millbrae 1 Seat Bench
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  Arp 24
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  Leap(R) Chair - Fabric
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  Campfire Big Lamp
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  Criterion High-Back
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  save: $150.00 (50% off)
  Jim Barstool 30
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  Bloom Stool
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  Jenny Club Chair
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  Bob Ottoman
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  Think Chair - 3D Back
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  Amia Work Chair
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  Think Chair
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  Links Rug
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  Lincoln Lounge
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  QiVi Chair
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  Steelcase SILQ Chair
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  Amia Air Work Chair
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  Campfire Paper Table
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  Cobi(tm) Chair - Black
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  Cobi(tm) Chair - White
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  Payback Mobile Ped
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  Alight Coffee Table
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  Sawyer Chair
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  Crew Task Chair
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  Free Stand By Coalesse
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  Uno Chair
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  CPU Skateboard
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  Flare Tower Short
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  Series 1 Chair
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  Alight End Table
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  Alight Lounge
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  Campfire Personal Table
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  MyPetLamp - Dachshund
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  MyPetLamp - Siamese
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  Zig Zig
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  dash mini
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  Jack Swivel-Tilt Chair
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  MyPetLamp - Duckling
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  MyPetLamp - HoweePup
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  MyPetLamp - Piggy
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  Buoy Seating
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  Jenny End Table
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Campfire Paper Table by Steelcase
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Product Description: Wood grain base with round rotating top allows easy sharing of ideas. Steel top can be used by itself or with paper or glass that can be drawn on with dry erase maker and used over and over again.

Features and Benefits: Think of this as a campfire without the smoke. In a simple, functional, "why didn't we think of this before" kind of way, the paper table is just what you've been waiting for. Doodle and brainstorm, spin around to build off each other's ideas, then rip off the top piece of paper and take it with you. Easy.

Awards: 2009 Best of Neocon Gold Award

Care Instructions: Dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth. Occasionally, it may be necessary to use a mild non-abrasive cleaner. abrasive or solvent cleaner. When using any cleaning product, read and follow the manufacturer's directions carefully. Do not use abrasive or solvent cleaner.


Wood, pressurized laminate, plastic, and steel.
Comes with one set of 44 paper sheets.

(inches, unless specified)
25d top x 23.5h



This product is MADE TO ORDER and therefore CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please allow roughly two weeks for your order to ship. This item can only be shipped to street addresses in the contiguous 48 United States.

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Price: ON SALE! $650.00 $552.50
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Alight Coffee Table

Alight End Table

Alight Lounge

Campfire Personal Table


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