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Mod Lounger
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The Mod Lounger brings together Offi and Lisa Albin's shared sensibility for innovative design that articulates the product's function in its form and expresses a fun approach to everyday objects. With this collaboration, the bent ply Mod Rocker was reinterpreted within the entirely different manufacturing capability of rotational molded plastic, and thus we were able to further develop the expressive and sculptural nature of the design. The Mod Lounger can be enjoyed by all ages, as a cozy spot for adult and child or for two kids together! Enjoy the Mod Lounger in your cool hang out space, at the library... or by the pool!
  • Sculptural + fun form in rotational-molded polyethylene
  • Multi-usefunction for residential, contract, hospitality + educational
  • For kids, teenagers + adults / good for adult + child or two children
  • Offered in 6 funcolor options
  • Interior + exterior use
  • Drainage for outdoors
  • #4 Recyclable plastic


rotational-molded polyethylene

Meets or exceeds the applicable recommended industry standards for child safety; high durability for contract use

(inches, unless specified)
30h x 28w x 35d (viewed from front)
Seat height: 11.5 (rear) to 15 7/8 (front)



The Mod Rocker was picked as Casual Living's Product of the Day

Design Milk thinks the Mod Lounger is going to be a winner.

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Tiki Stool

Tote Table


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